Priory of The Delaware

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem ®


The Priory of the Delaware is the oldest, continuously-active Priory in the Grand Priory of the United States. It was organized as a commandery in February 1967 with Dr. Chev. Maynard H. Mires Esq., GCTJ, CMTJ named as Commander. The organization was elevated to Priory status on March 1, 1968 in a ceremony conducted in the Sussex Room of the Hotel duPont in Wilmington, Delaware. Grand Prior II, Chev. William Y. Pryor, GCTJ, GMTJ officiated.

Chev. Daniel LeVert Coleman, GCTJ, GCMTJ (Prior of St. George at New York and New England), Chev. Thomas Darlington, GCTJ, OMTJ (Grand Sword Bearer) and Chev. David Finch (Commander of the New York Priory) participated on the installation team at the second C&I. Dr. Mires was promoted to Grand Officier during the ceremony and was named as its first Prior. Dame Lynn D. Sprankle was promoted to Commandeur and was named Chancellor.

The Priory of the Delaware was privileged to host two Grand Convents, which occurred in May 1978 and May 1987. The first C&I took place at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. The second C&I was held at the First and Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington.

The Priory conducts three convents a year at a number of churches throughout the state. The Priory of the Delaware has a rich history of supporting charities as well. The Priory replaced a fouth convent in 2002 with an annual picnic, to raise funds in support of its charitable efforts. The Jerusalem Mite and local charities benefit from our fundraising efforts.

The Priory was instrumental in supporting the reactivation efforts of the Priory of Philadelphia in 2007, in sponsoring them as a Commandery. We participated in their elevation to Priory status in 2008. The Priory of the Delaware has thirty-two active knights and dames, of whom ten members have attained the rank of Grand Croix. Six Priory members have been admitted to the Order of Merit.

Priors of the Priory of the Delaware
Prior I Chev. Maynard H. Mires, GCTJ, OMTJ (1967-1973)*
Prior II COL Charles T. Goodwin, GOTJ (1973-1975)*
Prior III HON Chev. J. Caleb Boggs, GCTJ (1975-1977)*
Prior IV MG Chev. John D. Moore, GOTJ (1977-1979)*
Prior V Chev. John D. Kelly, III GCTJ (1979-1981)*
Prior VI CWO Chev. John V. Hawkins, Sr., GCTJ, CMTJ (1981-1983)*
Prior VII LTC Robert E. Wasson, GCTJ, CMTJ (1983-1985)
Prior VIII LT O. Dale Teaff, Jr., GCTJ (1985-1987)*
Prior IX COL Carl D. Walbeck, GCTJ, CMTJ (1987-1989)
Prior X LTC James R. Herrington, GCTJ (1989-1991)
Prior XI LTC John C. Smith, GCTJ, CMTJ (1991-1993)
Prior XII COL Chev. Albert R. Marshall, GCTJ, CMTJ (1993-1995)
Prior XIII COL Chev. Frederick E. Schmitt, III, GCTJ (1995-1997)
Prior XIV MG Chev. Francis A. Ianni, GCTJ (1997-1999)
Prior XV Chev. Joseph E. Gates II, GCTJ (1999-2001)
Prior XVI LTC Frederick S. Roland, GCTJ (2001-2003)
Prior XVII LTC John R. Roland, III, GCTJ (2003-2005)
Prior XVIII LTC Tenney H. Wheatley, GCTJ (2005-2007)
Prior XIX COL Robert D. Bewick, GOTJ (2007-2009)
Prior XX CPT Douglas E. Sherwood, GOTJ (2009-2011)
Prior XXI COL Lloyd E. Cavey, GOTJ (2011-2013)
Prior XXII LTC Chev. James L. Sculley, GOTJ (2013-2015)


Priory of the Delaware



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