Priory of The Delaware

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem ®


Priory Activities include three convents or convents & investitures during the year. Traditionally, one is held in December, one is held in early spring, and one takes place in early summer. In late summer, there is our annual Charity Picnic, where knights, dames, companions and guests gather in a more casual setting. Attendees are asked to "donate" to the Priory what it would cost them to attend a dinner after a convent. This event is our largest fundraiser.

Upon a change in leadership, it is also our tradition for the outgoing Prior to host a gathering, usually a picnic. There are years when the two picnics have been combined.

Our members also participate in activities - convents, picnics, and so on, with the Priory of Philadelphia.

Priory of the Delaware



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